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What is Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan Gum is a natural hydrocolloid used commercially in foods as a thickening agent and stabilizer. 

Use Xanthan Gum as an Emulsifier

When added to water, xanthan gum forms a gel. That gel helps keep ingredients emulsified and suspended so they look appetizing on the shelf. Think salad dressings with lots of herbs and spices.  

Why Use Xanthan Gum inBaking?

If only there was a convenient, easy-to-use ingredient that would create a more delicate texture intreats.folks, meet Xanthan Gum! Xanthan gum does a great job of duplicating the elasticity of gluten inflours. The result is muffins and cakes with perfect sponge and deliciously chewy pizza doughs.

How Much Xanthan Gum Do I Use in My Baking Recipes?

There are lots of greatflour options available, but not all of them contain Xanthan Gum. If you are creating your own recipe usingflour without Xanthan Gum, here is a quick measurement guide for ensuring you don’t end up baking tough bricks:   

For yeasted breads and pizza doughs, add 1 tsp of Xanthan Gum per cup offlour.

For cakes and muffin, add 1/2 tsp. per cup offlour.

Other Uses

Xanthan gum also prevents ice crystals from forming in ice creams and provides a "fat feel" in low or no-fat dairy products.  For best results, use 1/2 teaspoon per cup of liquid called for in recipe. Whip in a blender with liquid to prevent clumping.

Xanthan gum can also be used as an all-purpose thickener for gravies and sauces. Whisk together 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. of xanthan gum with 1 Tbsp. hot water, for every 1 cup of gravy or sauce.

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