Valentine's Day Cookie Bags - pack of 10 - Cookie Countess

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  • Give your Valentines a sweet treat in these adorable bags! This cute pouch can elevate your Valentine's cookies to the next level, and the bow does double duty as a handle!

    • Zip closure
    • Made of food safe plastic
    • Bag size excluding the bow is 6.75 inches from top to bottom, 6.5 inches wide at widest point. Please see the photo for exact measurements.

    What size cookie will fit in this bag?

    TEST FIRST. Do not assume your cookie will fit, because icing and decorations will make the size of your cookie bigger. The biggest cookie we could fit was 4.65 inches wide.

    Safest bet: Cookies up to 4 inches at the widest point will generally fit.

    Will hot cocoa bombs and chocolate hearts fit in this bag?

    Yes! Hot cocoa bombs and chocolate hearts up to 2.75" diameter will fit in this bag.

  • there are 10pcs per pack