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Happy Valentine's Day Paint Your Own Cookie - PYO Bag Topper & Backer - The Cookiery

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Made of top quality, thick, coated, food-safe cards, these are the perfect toppers for single cookies or a small bag of mini cookies! Simply staple your heat sealed cookie to the pre-folded bag topper at the top, and the long card provides a cute and sturdy background for your cookie. No box or bows required! There are printed designs on both the front and back of each card.

The cards are grease-resistant and safe for direct food contact, but we designed this with bag sealed cookies in mind. 

Each pack comes with 20 cards. Perfect for 3.5" - 4.5" sized single cookies, or a cluster of minis. 

Size: Unfolded: 7.5" tall x 5" wide. Folded: 6" tall x 5" wide, bag topper portion is 1.5" tall.

Made in Canada.