COVID-19 Relief Efforts


We've gotten an overwhelming number of people who have asked us how they can pitch in with The Cookiery's COVID-19 Relief Projects. We're currently using the 3D printers & facilities we have to print and manufacture items such as face shields, masks and other medical parts as needed.

We'd like to produce a reusable N95 type of mask and have been working on a prototype for that piece that we hope to make available soon, and possibly approved for use & distribution. While that is happening and so we can keep the momentum going, we are focusing our efforts and equipment towards mass producing face shields for Canada, the USA and any other facility worldwide that needs it. We've designed one that is quick to produce, sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. The headbands are 3D printed and the plastic is laser cut. Each piece is made by us in-house.


100% of all donations received will be going towards the material cost of these items and shipping fees to send them to places that need them. We are not charging for or selling any of these goods.  Everything we make will be given away at no cost to our frontliners and health care workers. 

Here's how you can pitch in if you are interested in lending a hand:

1.) You can make a monetary donation via Paypal - please send to Send me a note if you want your donation to be kept anonymous or if you want me to mark it under your name. We'd like to compile a list of donors to publish on our page as they come in. Any amount is more than welcome and every penny counts! 


2.) You can purchase this listing and choose an amount to donate. We estimate each full face shield to cost approximately $2-$4 to manufacture, and about $1 if we are only supplying the 3D printed headband portion which we will be sending to the team at in Kitchener, ON for assembly and distribution to hospitals and clinics in need. You can increase the amount you want to donate by increasing the quantity on the listing prior to adding to your cart.


3.) You can make a donation in kind - we'll need PLA or PETG material for 3D Printing, mylar sheets for the face shields or 0.030 Lexan/polycarbonate plastic sheets, elastic bands and other similar items. If you would like to do this, please email me for information and we can coordinate :)

Even if you don't donate or if you are not able to, but you continue to support our small business through your purchases, we have already committed 30% of all sales/revenue to go towards supporting this project since March 21, 2020 and we will continue to do so until the crisis is over and these critical PPE's are no longer needed. When you buy from our shop, know that a good portion of your purchase will already go towards this worthy cause, no separate donation required. 

Lastly, If you have your own 3D printer, you can also print face shields using Prusa's file which they have made free for anyone to download and use as needed:

If you know of any clinic or hospital, local or international that needs our help, please send an email to or fill in our contact us form on this website, and we'll do what we can to send them these goods!

We're all in this together, and we couldn't be more proud of the cookie community for having our backs as we take on this project during these hard times. Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy!

Nicole & Chris