WHAT'S THE SCOOP? Pastel Sprinkle Blend - Sweetapolita

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3.5 oz bottle

WHAT'S THE SCOOP? Sprinkle Medley is a one of a kind mix of our beloved gelato-toned jumbo matte shapes, celebrating all things pastel. 

These unique jumbo decorative rods are made with a very skinny compressed wheat semolina filling to keep the integrity of the gorgeous shape, then coated in pressed sugar and then pastel candy coating coating.

This sprinkle mix is the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, chocolate bark, cookie, ice cream sandwich or pretty much anything party-ready. 

Let us bake!

NOTE: These are sugar shapes, not traditional "sprinkles," and the components are the following sizes: 

Squares: 10mm | 0.25" 

Triangles: 15mm | 0.6"

Rods: 20mm | 0.75"

INGREDIENTS: Sugar (sugar, glucose syrup), Gum arabic, Wheat semolina, Fish & bovine gelatin, Carmines, Vegetable extract, Spirulina extract, Apple extract, Lemon extract, Turmeric. Contains: Wheat, Fish. May Contain: Soy, Milk, Tree nuts.

INGRÉDIENTS: Sucre (sucre, sirop de glucose), Gomme arabique, Semoule de blé, Gélatine de poisson et bovine, Carmins, Extrait végétal, Extrait de spiruline, Extrait de pomme, Extrait de citron, Curcuma. Contient: Blé, Poisson. Peut Contenir: Soja, Lait, Noix.